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Main Course
Schez Chip Dip
Blend in some Schezwan Chutney into Mayo, Cheese
spread or Raita for zingy dip! Serve this with Potato
Wafers, Fries, Wedges and even Nachos. Or create a
colourful raw Veg platter with cut Carrot, Cucumbers,
Radish and a bowl of dip in middle
Schez Cocktail Dip
Get a party rolling with a spicy Schezwan kick! This fiery
chutney goes brilliantly with starters like Chicken Lollipop,
Spring Rolls, Kebabas, Bhajiyas and Momos. Make the
starter platter the center of attraction by arranging a mix of
them around a bowl of bright Schezwan Chutney.
Crunchy Schez Starters
Make some imaginative starters with Papad, Nachos,
Papdi and Khakras. Create interesting toppings with
ingredients like Channa, spiced Potatoes, Paneer,
Tomatoes or Corn. Then top it off with a bit of Schezwan
Chutney. The result is a lovely mix of bright colours and
wonderful flavors!
Schez Dhokla Surprise
Wake up Dhoklas with just a bit of Schezwan Chutney!
Make mini Dhokla Sandwich by spreading some chutney
between two Dhokla slices.
Schez Andi ka Funda
Add sizzle to Omlette by spreading some Schezwan
Chutney over it. Make a fluffy Omlette. Spread some
Schezwan Chutney over it. Grate Cheese over the chutney.
Fold the Omlette and serve hot!
Schez Sandwich Special
Spread some explosive Schezwan heat onto your
Sandwiches and Subs. Add your favorite filling and bite
into the zingest Sandwich or Sub ever!
Simply Super Schez Dosa
Spike up your Dosas and Uttapams with a generous
spread of Schezwan Chuteny. Plain Dosas and masala
Uttapams taste wonderful with just the chutney spread over
them. Dosa fillings of spiced Potatoes get a mouth-
watering edge with the chuteny.
Scrumptious Schez Pizzas
Replace your regular Tomato Ketchup Pizza base with
some Schezwan Chutney. Add your favorite Pizza
toppings, cover it with grated Cheese and watch that Pizza
Rocking Schez Wraps and Rolls
Spread Schezwan Chuteny over the roti. Then place a filling
of stir-fried Panner, spiced Potatoes or shredded Meat. Add
Onion rings on top and roll it up. Bite into an absolutely
rocking Wrap or Roll! It's a great base for Spring Rolls too!
Ting-a-ling Schez Bhel
Love Bhel but want some different flavors? Instead of
regular Bhel Chutney add some fiery Schezwan Chutney
and get wowed by its tingling, spicy-sweet curnchiness!
Instant Schez Rice
Leftover Rice? Turn into a Schezwan Fried Rice with just a
few spoon of Schezwan Chutney! Add your favorite Veggies
or Meat and stir-fry to get instant Schezwan Rice! Garnish
with Spring Onions and serve hot.
Schez Aloo Taka Tak
Par boiled Potatoes and make even-sized cubes. Heat
some Oil and add few spoon of Schezwan Chutney. Add
the Potaoes and stir-fry till cubes turn crisp. Granish with
chopped Spring Onion greens and serve hot.
Schez Aloo Paratha
Add a spicy twist to Aloo Parathas! After the Potaoes are
boiled, mash them up with some Schezwan Chuteny and
use this to stuff the Parathas. Serve with a big dollop of
Butter on top of the paratha.
Vah-re-Vaha Schez Batata Vada
Turn a heat on in a Batata Vada in a mast-mast way! Blend
in some Schezwan Chuteny to the spiced Potato filling
before rolling it in the besan batter frying. For some more
fire, spread some chutney on Pav as well!
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