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Desi Chinese Ka Ek Hi King –


Rasta Chinese. Canteen Chinese. Hakka Chinese. Momo Chinese. Udupi Chinese. Mughlai Chinese. Fast food Chinese... Desi Chinese is Desi Chinese.
And Ching’s Chinese is Desi Chinese. Made in India and loved across the world.
They say that to win Hindustani hearts
even Chinese food became desi!
And there’s only one Desi Chinese
food brand that can make desi
hearts beat faster – Ching’s Secret
Saucy. Spicy. Sweet and sour. Hot
and sour. Crunchy. Slurpy.
Zesty. Schezwani. Manchurian…
Whatever be the kind of Desi Chinese
your palate craves for, only Ching’s
can hit the spot with a perfect zing.



Since 1995, Ching’s has made people
salivate, sniff and smile – all at the
same time. The Ching’s range of sauces,
masalas, soups, noodles, snacks,
instant meals and chutneys
are a mind-blowing blend of
Indian masalas and Chinese spices.
No wonder Desi Chinese is India’s second largest
cuisine and the soul food of the country from
Kashmir to Kanya Kumari.

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